NEWS: Welcome Dave Alba to the JibberJobber team!

Five years and five months ago I got laid off.  I wasn’t too worried about my pending job search because I had “done all the right things.”  I knew I was hot stuff (with my MBA, Spanish almost-fluency, IT systems background, etc.), and knew companies would be falling all over themselves to hire ME.

In a call to my dad (Dave Alba) he said “I’ll expect you to be out of work for at least six months,” as he was thinking about how to help me through this ordeal.

SIX MONTHS?  NO WAY, NOT ME,” I thought.

He was right… I wasn’t hot stuff, and no one was anxious to bring me on board, much less return phone calls or emails.

My dad was my first investor in JibberJobber.  I remember a conversation where he said “okay, I don’t understand what JibberJobber is, or how it works.  Just tell me, how much money do you want, and where do you want it sent?”  (NOTE: He’s not wealthy, and “how much” didn’t mean “how many millions.”  I realize how blessed I was to have a dad who could say that… I’m not bragging but I want to show his faith in me, and my vision, from the beginning.)

Fast forward five years later… today my dad joins the JibberJobber team!

He’ll focus on a few things:

  • Sales of a new product we launched last summer,
  • Account management with this product
  • Some other stuff

(how come I don’t tell all here?  Because my competition reads my blog… and shortly after I announce stuff I see them emulating what I’m doing… so I have to keep some things under wraps)

Here’s a little about my dad:

Dave Alba had an amazing, successful career with the FBI.  After rising to senior executive management at the FBI, he retired and worked for a security guard company for the last ten years.  He has very strong work ethic that was instilled in him as a young boy growing up on a farm in Pecos, Texas (thank you abuela and abuelo for NOT naming him Bill!  Otherwise, my dad would have been Pecos Bill :s).

If you would have asked me ten, even five, years ago if my dad could work with me, the answer would have been NO WAY.  He was, as far as I understood, a government worker.  There is a different mindset in private industry, especially in a small startup.

But the last 10 years have proved to be a rich opportunity for him to learn all-things P&L.  He was responsible for a sizable region spanning Houston to Corpus Christi, and became intimately familiar with sales, account management, operations, managing budgets, etc.

He’s been trained to work for me.

I’m more excited, though, about his work ethic and all the things the stereotypical baby boomer would bring to the table.  I’ve watched him deal with his prior employers with a high level of integrity.  He is the quintessential company-man… he gives an honest effort to do his job right, and strives to take care of his company and those he works with.

He told me he was getting ready for his successor in his next company.  He said something like “I’ve been in situations where I was the new guy and given a big mess to sort out – I’m working in getting everything ready for the new guy so he doesn’t have a big mess to deal with.”  I loved that… he didn’t have to, but he worked very, very hard for someone else.

That’s my dad.

Aside from all that stuff above, I’m most excited because this is, for me, a fairy tale.  The chance to work with my own dad? I never could have that before (you can’t take your son to work like his dad took him to work on the farm :p).

Now, though, our professional worlds meet in a cool, fun place.

He’s joining me on my journey to change the world, one mind, and one career, at a time.

Please welcome with me, Dave Alba, newest member of the JibberJobber team!

25 thoughts on “NEWS: Welcome Dave Alba to the JibberJobber team!”

  1. Welcome Dave to the JibberJobber team and congratulations to Jason on a dream come true for you. Keep up the great work!

  2. Welcome to Dave and Congratulations to Jason! May your styles mesh and your minds meet. Have a fantastic time with this once in a lifetime opportunity you have!

  3. Amazing what a “honor” not only for you as his Son but for a Son to honor his Father so much.. . . congratulations Jason and David, I’ve actually heard many of my friends talk about your site, had no idea who the “creator” was, now I do and am very proud to be joining this talented family. . . soon. LOL

  4. Welcome Dave!
    Hope you’re as proud of Jason as he is of you.

    Congratulations Jason!
    Now, train Dave and set some Full Blown Initiatives (FBI) 🙂 and keep ahead of competitors

    Great success to you both.

  5. Congrats to both you and Dave!

    I know where Pecos is! (never been there but that is a different story – closest I have been is Lubbock, and that isn’t very close – 215 miles)

    Early in my career I had the opportunity to work with my Dad (for him would be more accurate) for five years. While rocky at times, it was a good experience, and I wouldn’t trade that experience for anything.

    I was in the right place at the right time. He had the need for an accountant as he was buying a business with a partner and I just happened to be in between jobs. I never made a lot of money working for him, but it was about more than that. (I didn’t realize it then) I finished my degree at the University of Utah while I worked for him. He still owns that business and I have been gone for 19 years. He can’t afford me today.

  6. To the Alba team:
    Congratulations on making work sound like a project of life, relationships and ethics. All the best and les esperamos en Chile pronto!
    Saludos cordiales,

  7. Dave, I can’t wait to meet you, Jason always talked about you in the most inspiring and respectful terms and is very proud of what you were able to accomplish in your FBI career. He has the respect for you all fathers would envy.

    I enjoy being around Jason because of his enthusiasm for the work we do and his constantly churning brain always looking at how he can take things to the next level or innovate. He gives of himself and talents. You must be very proud. If Jason is a “chip off the block, then I ‘m excited to meet the block!

  8. So, here’s what I heard. You never had much respect for your father professionally because he was a government worker and we all know what they’re like. But a few years outside the agency has knocked some real word sense into him and now he’s good enough to work in your firm.

    Really, what I wanted to know if the new guy was an agent and had a lot of exciting stories to tell. You made him sound as if he was a pencil pusher.

  9. Jason, this has to be the coolest post you have ever written! Thanks for sharing such glorious news!

    Best wishes to you both in this new chapter! 🙂


  10. Jason,
    This is fantastic! What a great way to celebrate family. I think this will be a wonderful opportunity for both of you. I can sense your excitement about bringing your father on board. I was just reading a post the other day about Bring Your Son or Daughter to Work Day — oh wait — you’re both there :). This will be fun. Keep us posted on the happenings at JibberJobber. All the best to you and Dave.

    Kind Regards,

  11. Dave,

    Welcome aboard JibberJobber. This is really awesome to me. Why? We don’t even know each other. Well, it’s awesome to me because I want to do what your son wants to do – change the world, one career at a time. I am a JibberJobber fan who not only likes the product, but wants all OneStop Career Centers (that’s government funded operations) to start teaching the public how to use JibberJobber – not just to get a job…but to have a better future, build a safetynet infrastructure of support.

    No doubt, you are already a member of Linkedin’s JibberJobber Career Management. I cordially invite you to join Linkedin’s Givers Gain. By the way, I am a baby boomer, too.

  12. Ahhhh…the leap of faith. Well done. Congrats to you both and cheers to a very successful future.

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