Favorite Friday: Job Search Discrimination & Age Discrimination

Nasty, nasty stuff.

In August, 2010 I wrote the post Age Discrimination, Old Job Seekers, Options.  I really post a problem and asked for input on what options to a traditional job search might include.  I got over 20 comments… it’s a great read.

One of the comments really jumped out at me… from Susan Guarneri (career coach), who writes:

For those who use discrimination as the “excuse” for an unproductive job search, that attitude enables them to continue to be a victim (and there are payoffs for being a victim).

This is strong talk, but it’s straight talk.

Is discrimination (in any form) your excuse?

Please take 23 minutes and watch this fascinating video called The Butterfly Circus. It’s worth your time to watch, right now. It’s about a man who has all the excuses in the world to not really do anything, and to expect everything given to him… there are some pivatol moments in the movie that hopefully have a profound impact on you.  They did on me. (click to go to The Butterfly Circus page)

I know discrimination SUCKS.  But how others discriminate don’t have to impact the choices you make, the way you react, or the success you have.