JibberJobber Partner: Kim Mohiuddin, Movin’ On Up Resumes

Meet Kim Mohiuddin, another JibberJobber partner.  I like Kim a lot … I’ve met her at numerous conferences. At one of the last conferences (in San Diego) I got to chat with her more than usual and learn about her business – I was impressed!

Kim has an interesting practice – she is a resume writer and a coach (well, maybe not a coach, readh below and judge for yourself :)), but she’s… different.  Her typical client is looking for something different, to position themselves differently.  One thing that jumped out to me is her passion for creating a career portfolio in way that I haven’t seen before.

Here’s a message from Kim, to you:

I work one-on-one with mostly executive clients and at all levels through my small team of hand-picked writers. My clients come from all fields and industries, and their common qualities are:

  1. An understanding that they need to be active participants in creating their documents if they are to be meaningful. (notice, she didn’t say “resumes”)
  2. An affinity for the idea that storytelling is a core component of successful career documents.

My background as a creative writer (I had a novel with an agent by the age of 25) and successful sales/marketing pro has translated into an ability to help clients crystallize and communicate their story and value proposition in a way that gets decision-makers interested.

Though I am a writer, not a coach, my clients repeatedly tell me that our work together has empowered them to authentically and enthusiastically articulate their value, core competencies, and ROI (return on investment) for the company that hires them.

My firm also delivers teleseminars on career-related topics and offers outplacement services for companies who are downsizing and want to give their departing employees a leg-up in their next career move.

You can learn more about Kim and her services at her Movin’on up blog and/or newsletter (on the left).  She also writes stuff for YOU on Twitter: @kimmohiuddin.

Check her out!

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