JibberJobber Partner: Beverly Harvey of Harvey Careers

Today I’m introducing you to another JibberJobber Partner: Beverly Harvey of Harvey Careers.

I met Beverly at one of the conference I go to with career coaches and was intrigued by the respect she got from others at the conference.  She has been in this business for 20 years and has developed a successful business helping many, many professionals navigate their job search.

Beverly is anxious to stay up-to-date on technologies and trends and regularly attends my webinars.  I recently finished a social media for coaches training that focuses on LinkedIn, and she went through more than six hours of indepth instruction on how to help her clients get the most value out of a LinkedIn strategy.

Beverly Harvey is cleary committed to learning, as can be seen in her certifications in branding, career transitions, resume writing, job search, online identity management and career management.  Want to see the alphabet soup on her email signature?  Check this out:

Combine those trainings and certifications with what she learns every day from her clients as they are faced with new challenges and you’ll find a career coach who is absolutely passionate about being empowered with knowledge of today’s tactics and strategies for job seekers.

Beverly says:

“I love to work with senior-level operating and management executives who have trouble singing their own praises or bragging about themselves.  I have a unique way of turning those seemingly chest-pounding assertions into factual, quantifiable accomplishments that drive home their branded value proposition and get them hired.

If you’re a senior-level executive who is ready for advancement and would like an expert to guide you through the complexities of career management, call me at 888-775-0916 or send an email to beverly@harveycareers.com.”

Go ahead, give her a call… or check out one of her group training programs (at Harvey Careers).

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Does she have a book?  Yup.  Check out Insider Job Search Tips & Resources for 17 Top Industries.