Why Do I Do What I Do? Why Do YOU Do What You Do?

I got a message from someone who saw me speak in Columbia, Maryland on my Baltimore trip.  Again, sometimes I wonder if I, well, suck as a speaker.  In addition to what I wrote here, I wonder if people already know what I have to say, or want a different message.

I have to remember that even though I’ve said/heard the message hundreds of times, the people who come to see me speak haven’t.  And it’s okay to continue to share this powerful message.

I get very few email messages like the one below, and wanted to share this with you.  It really touched me. From Greg Gibbons (logistic & finance professional – check out his professional headline (VERY NICE :)):

*I was laid off due to a merger 10 months ago. I am normally a positive person but after the holidays even I was getting pretty frustrated with my job search. Jason visited a work center I had discovered just days before. I learned more useful information in the 2 evenings I spent with Jason then I have from every other seminar I’ve attended put together. Please convey to his family my sincere thanks for sharing him with us:)

How cool is that?

I really appreciated the message, and his consideration for my family for “sharing me” with others.

This is why I do what I do.  I find a lot of fulfillment in touching people’s minds and hearts when I’m on the road.  If I can provide hope and encouragement with ideas and tactics, I’m rewarded!

Thank you Greg, for the thoughtful message.  I’ll be sure to pass it along to my family 🙂

2 thoughts on “Why Do I Do What I Do? Why Do YOU Do What You Do?”

  1. You are an amazing speaker Jason!

    It’s great that you go out and motivate folks into sucess. I’m sure your moment in Decemeber wasn’t as bad as YOU think it was. Sometimes it’s tough being “human”.

    You ROCK!

  2. Jason, I resonate with your self examination: Am I offering anything of value? Have they already heard this? Am I presenting this coherently? Is my presentation adding value?

    That’s why I benefit from reading your blog and attending your webinars and revisiting your DVDs. You are human and you acknowledge it.

    What a wonderful response from an attendee in MD. Yes, that is what makes it worthwhile…making a difference in someone’s life. Thanks for sharing.

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