How to get on the front page of Google? Check out

I met the Vizibility guys at the last career conference I went to, in Baltimore.  At first I saw their product and thought “really, that’s it?”

“It” was enough, though.  There were a lot of career coaches and resume writers who were really excited about them…. I got two demos of their software and I can say, it’s something to check out.

I recommend you go to and sign up on their free level, and take advantage of their simple yet effective way to show the search results you want when someone wants more information on you.

The problem? Controlling what people see when they google your name.

The solution? A free account on Vizibility let’s you determine what people see (kind of – if they go through a link you create).

I like it.  It’s simple, easy, free.

An alternative is to blog daily for a few weeks or months… and claim your place on Google, but this 5 minute solution will be more practical for most of you.

I’m still a huge advocate of blogging, though :p

Here’s the page for you… on this page, bottom right, you can see the login for their demo account to play around with it.