Mobile Job Search Tools (including JJ) and why I haven’t blogged much lately

Hey there, it’s me.  Really.

Sorry for the silence last week… I hate not blogging daily, but I was really, really slammed.  I had 3 “new” webinar presentations to do last week, and it was stressing me out (doing “new” content takes a lot of mental energy… ), and I took a surprise trip to Pocatello, where my wife and I started our family and lived for 9 years.

Then, up at 4am (according to my body… according to my clock it was 5am) to jump on a plane to Baltimore/Boston.  This is going to be a super-busy week and I’m excited for a bunch of reasons…

Anyway, the purpose of this post is to point you over to a Glass Door post about mobile job search tools JibberJobber was listed!  How cool is that?

We recently announced our mobile job search tool here.

Here’s Glassdoor’s post.

Thanks to Vicki Elmer and Glassdoor for the ink, and big thanks to Cheryl Palmer for including JibberJobber as a job search tool she suggests 🙂