NEW: JibberJobber Mobile Interface #awesome!

Recently we launched the new mobile interface for JibberJobber.  You can get to it at

JibberJobber is your private relationship management database.  We originally designed it to help people organize a job search but quickly realized many people would use it to manage their professional relationships.  We also found entrepreneurs and business people would use it as a CRM (customer relationship manager).

This is our first attempt at the mobile interface.  From here we can go in a few different directions, but we needed to get this out so we could get lots of feedback.  Is it awesome? Is it missing something?  What can we do to make this more powerful so when you are on-the-go you can easily do what you need to in JibberJobber?

Here were our two main criteria when we designed this:

  1. FAST (Part I)! If you go to normal site on a mobile (which you can) it is slower to load since it is SO busy, especially for a small screen.  We wanted this to be fast and easy for you to get to and use, which means we stripped out a lot of stuff, and made the views optimized for a small screen (see screenshots below).
  2. FAST (Part II)! We tried to identify the handful of critical things you might want to do from a mobile device…. when you are on the road you might want to look someone up, or add a new contact, or add a new log entry, etc.

We listed these features and only included what was on our list.  I’m sure we missed some.  As we hear back from YOU we’ll enhance the mobile interface, OR, for now, you can go to the normal site, to get what we’ve missed.

All improvements will be based on user feedback, so tell us what you think at the Contact Us form!

Here are some screenshots:

Login page: simple, simple, simple!

Home page: simple navigation to get to the main functions you might use on the go.

Add a Contact: Simple, simple, simple!

Add a Log Entry: Simple, simple, simple!

View record: Powerful!  When I view a record the phone numbers are clickable, so I can dial right from that page.  I’ve used this a lot while I’m on the road!

Is this cool or what?  It is definitely about time!

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