Baltimore / Boston Speaking

I’ll be speaking a few times in March in Baltimore and Boston.  Can you make any of these?

I’m doing all of the engagements below, but some of the details, locations, times might be slightly edited… I’ll post any changes on the blog.


Monday 3/14, 6pm – 8pm, LinkedIn for Job Seekers @POAC.  This will be completely booked.

Tuesday 3/15, 6pm – 8pm, Career Management 2.0 @POAC. This will be completely booked.

Wednesday 3/16, 1:30 – 3pm, Optimizing LinkedIn as a Premier Job Search Tool (for career coaches and resume writers) @ the Career Thought Leaders Conference. Only open to conference attendees (you can register just for that day).


Thursday 3/17, 11am to about 12:30pm, Career Management 2.0 @WIND SOUTH. OPEN – COME! Here’s a link with info/directions.

Thursday 3/17, about 2pm – 4pm, LinkedIn for Job Seekers @ the One-Stop / ETR in ______.  Here’s a link to their website. (I’ll update this with more info shortly)

Friday 3/18, 11am – 1pm, Career Management 2.0 @ Acton Networkers (meeting at the St. Matthews Church in Acton). Link with address and more info here. OPEN – COME!

Friday 3/18, 2pm – 4pm, Career Management 2.0 @ Your Career Source.  OPEN – COME.  Link with more info.

What started out as “I’m speaking once on Wednesday at a conference” has turned into a busy trip.  I’m excited to go to Boston… I’m not sure if I’ve ever been there (I think I haven’t). I wish I had time to enjoy the history of the town, but it will be a whirlwind trip!

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  1. Looking forward to connecting with you when you are in the Boston area – enjoy your Baltimore segment too.
    The Boston area is a great place to be on St. Patrick’s Day.

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