What is a Personal Relationship Manager?

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A few years ago someone emailed me and said they were looking for personal relationship manager software, and they didn’t find JibberJobber, even though they should have.

What is Personal Relationship Manager software?

The phrase comes from “customer relationship manager,” which is software salespeople use to organize their customers and prospects.

It is their database, allowing them to enter names and numbers, notes about conversations and important facts (like birthdays, so they can send you a card), even things like what religion you are, where you went to school, etc.

A salesperson who is working on a relationship wants to log as much relevant information as possible so the next time they communicate with you, which might be in two years (!), they can pick up where they left off.

Knowing this stuff might seem creepy, but it’s important to let the other person know they are important to you, and keeping the information somewhere helps you in your communications to the prospect.

Fast forward to today, where many non-sales professionals are realizing there is no job security, and we need to manage our own careers as if it were a business (aka, Me, Inc.).

We need a software system to help us keep all of OUR prospects, customers and network contacts organized.

For some, that simply means keeping names and numbers and email addresses in a central location.

For others, they want more, like the ability to associate a contact to one of their target companies.

Whether you need a lot of functionality, or just a little functionality, using a database to track all of this information can be quite beneficial as you transition through multiple jobs in a career.

This is what people call a Personal Relationship Manager.

And that is exactly what JibberJobber is.