The Discreet Job Search, Part III

I didn’t realize this was going to become a series but I’m obviously fired up about it.

Part I:  How to do a Discreet Job Search

Part II:  Why Should We Have To Do A Discreet Job Search?  Kim Mohiuddin’s Feedback…

Today I want to follow-up on Kim Mohiuddin’s comment, that is worthy of repeating:

This whole topic (the hidden/discreet job search) speaks to the fact that people see career management as something to do when you’re unemployed, like eating really well and hitting the gym the day before your annual physical.

If you wait until the day before you won’t get the same results you would have gotten if you had spent a lot of time preparing during the year.

Another aspect of that is this: If you hit the gym the day before your annual physical, prepping for the big test, what happens the next day?

The way I’ve done it?  I’m so sore the next day I can hardly walk.  Or bend my arms!

Cramming for a physical doesn’t work!

Cramming for your job search can be just as painful.  The unexpected hard part is dealing with all of the emotions… 🙁 (check out the ever-popular Depression in the job search post (and a follow-up on dealing with job search depression))