Why Should We Have To Do A Discreet Job Search? Kim Mohiuddin’s Feedback…

Last year (well, two weeks ago) I answered a question from someone who asked how to perform a job search without anyone (like, your boss) knowing about it.

It is a great post with great comments read here: How to do a Discreet Job Search.

kim_MohiuddinKim Mohiuddin, JibberJobber’s newest Partner, offered this comment (on Facebook):

This whole topic speaks to the fact that people see career management as something to do when you’re unemployed, like eating really well and hitting the gym the day before your annual physical.

She is so right!!

When do you network?

When do you work on your brand?

When do you do this stuff?

When your boss isn’t looking?

Or do you do a little bit every single day?

I bet you inadvertently do a little bit every day.  You communicate with people (aka network), you meet new people (aka network), you follow-up with people (aka network), you leave an impression (aka personal branding), you reinforce a perception (aka personal branding), EVERY SINGLE DAY.

It might be productive or destructive, but you are doing it.

Even if you don’t do something you are reinforcing that you are one who doesn’t follow-through or follow-up, or one who is nowhere to be seen (not good), or one who is really busy with projects (could be good!).

You are doing this stuff on accident all the time.

Imagine, for the sake of YOUR career management, you did it ON PURPOSE.

With a plan, and a strategy, and a goal, and objectives.

How different would your undercover job search be?

You probably wouldn’t be in a job search.  I’m guessing the hidden job market would find you.