August 2008 Jump-Off-The-Page Winner Of The Month – Jared from Marketing Diner

Last week I was in Nashville doing presentations at Vanderbilt’s Owen School of Management. I was seriously impressed with the building (one building dedicated to the MBA program – sweet!), campus (the trees and flowers and plants are AMAZING), career center staff (very, very competent and on first-name basis with many students; also, very involved with the student process… much more involved than I’ve seen in many other places), students (sharp, great questions, and determined) and faculty (who came to one of my workshops – extra credit for them!). 

I met Jared Degnan, owner of Marketing Diner, and twitterer at  Jared comes across as a pretty nice guy, and is well known by many of his Owen peers.  If I was going up against Jared for a marketing position, I’d be nervous.  Why?  Because his blog and tweets talking about marketing, and social marketing, would really set him apart from his competition.  Check out the tagline for Marketing Diner (below the logo):


I think it’s easy to get consumed with school, work, social life, etc. when you are in school… that’s what happened to me.  But Jared is developing his own job security by establishing a foundation to his personal brand RIGHT NOW.  His blog is smart, but beyond that, he’s helping future employers, clients, employees, and others in the marketing space know who he is – his professional breadth and depth.  He is giving you a window into his professional capacity, and could easily be seen as a thought leader in the marketing space.

Jared wins this month’s You Get It Personal Branding award, and becomes one of the very few winners that I’ve actually met in person!

Jared Degnan, congratulations! You join a special group of professionals and have earned a coveted link from my monthly winner’s blogroll area (on the left), six months of premium JibberJobber (you can transfer/award this to someone else :) ), and a cyber-high five! And, a new addition to the prize list is the two hour (!!) minute recording of Blog Marketing 201 – 501 (part of the CEO Training for Me, Inc. – listed at $49.95 (but much more valuable than that!).

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  2. The Vanderbilt’s Owen School of Management sounds great. It’s important for teachers to know their students, and that’s hard when the classroom ration is 100 students to one professor.

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