Hidden Job Market (isn’t hidden)

You can buy a book on the hidden job market but you don’t need to.  It is all around you.  Here’s a great post by Jim Stroud called The Hidden Job Report for 11.15.10. Jim says:

If a company announces that they are planning to hire hundreds of people, why wait for the roles to hit the want-ads? Why not network with people in the company that are hiring enmasse now. Here are a few leads to get you started:

And then he lists a number of companies that have been announced… see his post for all of the info:

100 Nevada jobs (restaurant jobs)

100 Oklahoma jobs (manufacturing jobs)

100 Texas jobs (manufacturing jobs / engineering jobs)

100 new NPR jobs (or, reporter jobs, with a $1.8 million fund to find them)

400 more Nevada jobs (federal jobs)

120+ Tennessee jobs (Volkswagen jobs / automotive jobs)

500 Indianapolis jobs (healthcare jobs)

And many more outside of the U.S.

Jim’s point: why wait for these jobs to be posted when you can actively look for ways to network into those companies?

That, my friends, is the hidden job market.

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  1. It is a reality that most of the job vacancies are never posted in journals, newspapers or on-line and you only find them using your personal or business contacts – your “Network”. And networking is easier these days than ever before – just think of using linkedIn or even Facebook.

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