Microsoft Excel Help and Tutorial

I get prospected to review software, books, programs, services and stuff all the time.  Rarely do I find one that I stand behind. This one helps you learn how to use Microsoft Excel better.

Perhaps it is from my days as IT manager, working with hundreds of managers on how to use technology.  Or maybe it was from my MBA days, where everything was on a spreadsheet (and my ability to do simple math (2+2) in my head quickly died. Maybe it’s because I used an Excel spreadsheet to track my job search almost five years ago, or because JibberJobber users import/export from Excel.

Whatever the reason, I checked this out and really liked it. I liked the product (Excel Everest) and the price.

Excel Everest is an interactive learning tutorial that helps you learn how to use many of the features in Excel.  There are lots of tips and tricks in Excel… I argue that most people don’t use 95% of the functionality (it is quite powerful).  But I know that learning some stuff can really, really pay off.

In their 2 minute video (below) they talk about how Excel is used in many jobs… I add that it is used in many, many situations.

If you have to spend any time with Excel I encourage you to get this.  It is relatively inexpensive ($35) compared to a course or a book.  I like the way they set it up, the learning, the exercises, they scoring, etc.

Check out this video to learn more:

Here are three testimonials from their site – I’m cracking up at what some Google employees have said:

“I have been going through it for a few hours, let me first say that this is probably the most amazing thing I have ever seen.” – Google Employee

“I’ve never seen an Excel sheet anything close to as cool as this. I’m blown away.” – Google Employee

“This is literally the coolest thing I’ve ever seen in Excel in my whole life.” – Google Employee

You can get a free trial to check it out… I’d say it’s totally worth the money.

Here are the features they like:

  • Excel Based – The whole course takes place inside Excel (I LIKE THIS)
  • Custom modules – Excel Everest offers custom modules designed for specific clients
  • Structured course – step-by-step structure, ongoing support as employees learn
  • Interactive – the program helps the employee and the manager monitor the progress
  • Effective – hands on approach allows employees to acquire the skills 2-3 times faster
  • Fun – the course offers entertaining exercises and humor
  • Comprehensive – covers all the most important Excel topics
  • Cost saver – saves money in the long run helping the company avoid costly employee errors

[This is a somewhat-sponsored post. I took the time to check out the product, play around with it, learn about it, etc.  I am now an affiliate for this very cool product since I think it will bring value to my readers/users.]