Encore Careers & Karen Katz & Cody Ross

I just read a great post by Karen Katz about Cody Ross, aka “Babe Ross.” Karen is a JibberJobber Partner and a career coach near Philadelphia and talks about “encore careers.”

If you look at Cody Ross’ history you might guess that he doesn’t have a place as a successful baseball player.  Nonetheless, he has done awesome.

Karen relates that to YOU…  read her post to see the smart analogies.  Do you relate?

1 thought on “Encore Careers & Karen Katz & Cody Ross”

  1. Thanks for referencing my recent b-ball post.

    The point I need to reinforce is not how cool it is that Cody Ross wanted to be a clown. Rather, the point is to start fleshing-out this idea:

    “My evolving revelation: Anyone can create an opportunity to embark on an encore career by creating great value for an organization when it is most needed and least expected. ”

    See new post today, 11/2/10

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