Pink Slip and an unforgettable business card

Have you ever seen my business card?  If you’ve been at one of my presentations you probably have one.

The front is boring.  Just the normal stuff you’d expect to see (except I don’t put my phone numbers on my business card).

The back is what gets chuckles.  I bet the rate that people throw my card away is much lower than normal cards… here’s what the back looks like:

pink slip business card

Sorry for the blur… it is pretty sharp in real life.  Some thoughts:

  1. Pink is BOLD… I never, ever thought I’d have a PINK business card!  But…
  2. It is totally ON BRAND!  I get LOLs and ROFLs when people see my card.  They remember me because
  3. I CONNECT with them, and make fun of a situation that is normally grave, sad and serious!  I can do that because
  4. I’m one of YOU.  I’m not an outsider to unemployment and job search!  It’s an inside joke, and we’re both insiders!

Can YOU come up with a business card idea that is BOLD, ON-BRAND, helps you CONNECT WITH YOUR AUDIENCE, and shows you are talking with them, not at them, because you are ONE OF THEM?

P.S. I blogged about this a long, long time ago… but I’m doing it again because I got some (er, 2,500) new business cards. Different business cards. The back is what you see above… the front…. ah, the front… it is pure genius! (I’ll test them out on my next few trips and if, indeed, it is genius, I’ll let you in on it)