Do you Skype?

This post is talks about Skype + JibberJobber. It is not about any Skype browser plugins. See comments for more…

I love Skype.  I’ve been using it for a few years.

Skype is VOIP (Voice over IP), which means I make phone calls over IP, or the Internet (as opposed to a regular phone line to my desk).

I pay the $3/month for unlimited long distance to the U.S. and Canada – and I do it all from my headset that is plugged into my computer.

When I’m on the road I *can* do the same thing, including get email (I can but I don’t – usually running to hard when on the road).

I also paid for the SkypeIn number, so I have a local phone number that people can call (instead of calling my home number, which they called when I first started my business, or my cell, which I hardly ever give out).

I also paid for the voice mail.

I share this with you because you can have a very cool tool, if you are a Skype user and use JibberJobber.

Let me share how this works… imagine you are a salesperson who is on the phone all the time.  You have your desk/cubicle and a headset and you are dialing and talking all day long.

For this role, picking up a phone and dialing numbers is just too much… so the company has provided you with software that is tied into the phone system – all you do is click a phone number on the screen and it dials out.


Actually, you can live this bliss, like I do.

Just go to My Account and Preferences and you’ll see this option:


When you do that your phone numbers will look like this:


Click on the green button and it makes the call for you – just make sure you have your headset on (and you’ve paid for the long distance service).

Another thing you can do, if you haven’t paid, is skype-to-skype calls (no cost) and initiate skype chatting.  Just add the person’s username as a “Service” and then you’ll see the call(green)/chat(blue) icons, like this:


Like it?  I love it!

6 thoughts on “Do you Skype?”

  1. Mmmm Try exporting any data that is touched by the skype number system and it is flawed… my advice DONT that this advice of putting Skype icon by phone numbers

    I use skype every day BUT this advice causes all sorts of hassles

  2. Uh yeah Wayne, I’m trying to understand what your comment is saying.

    I’m not talking about exporting any data … so I don’t know what you are talking about that is flawed.

    I am putting the skype icons by phone numbers in JibberJobber, not on every website (which is what browser plugins do).

    When you say “this advice” are you talking about JibberJobber (which is what this post is about), or browser plugins (which is what this post IS NOT about), or exporting skype data (which is what this post IS NOT about)?

    It seems to me that you browsed to fast through this post without grasping what it was about… please clarify 🙂

  3. Jason

    When you add teh Skype Logo it adds code to EVERY phone number that is displayed and when, as many people do, you export that data to another application, you need to strip out the added code.

    There are many examples of this problem in forums where others are experiencing the frustration of the is “unexpected” consequence of adding what at first seems a neat useful feature…

    Your blog post makes a big thing of it.

    By the way I have just downloaded Sykpe 5 which is some great new features including Facebook integration

  4. Wayne, I think you are talking about the browser pluggin, to add the skype logo to any number on a web page you browse, right?

    I’m not talking about that – I’m talking about a user preference in JibberJobber to add the icon to certain, key places in the JibberJobber application – not every website you go to.

    You say “when you export that data to another application”… you aren’t talking about exporting from JibberJobber?

    I just looked on the user database and didn’t see you as a user on JibberJobber – so your advice is for the browser and has nothing to do with my post, or JibberJobber…. right?

  5. Yes I was… but I didn’t read your post in such a way. I read it as how to maximise your value from Skype – that’s what the Subject Line said.

    Sorry we are talking at cross purposes BUT the advice you have given should come with a caution that this setting causes a lot of problems in users OTHER uses on the net… from someone who has learnt the hard way.

    Keep up the good work Jason… you are doing a GREAT job

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