San Diego Networking at The Boardroom

Today I fly into San Diego early and head out to a lunch with Tim Tyrell-Smith (Tim’s Strategy – a very smart blog!).

Then I’m speaking at 1-2:30 in San Diego (actually, in La Jolla) at The Boardroom.  YOU CAN COME IF YOU ARE IN TOWN! The presentation is sponsored by MENG (MENG members get a discount on JibberJobber upgrades – login to your MENG account and then join JibberJobber from there).

I LOVE these types of network meetings because they CHANGED the way my job search was going… I am a big believer in getting away from your computer and meeting people, even job seekers, in person!

What local network meetings do you go to?  I know of some great ones in Minneapolis, Houston, Maryland/VA, Silicon Valley, etc.  What about you?

2 thoughts on “San Diego Networking at The Boardroom”

  1. Other networking meetings for business professionals? I am proud of Laguna Niguel Connectors in southern Cal. 2000 LinkedIn members; meets monthly and its free. More info:

    Great talk yesterday Jason at the Boardroom/MENG in San Diego.

  2. Thank you Greg 🙂 I almost went out there this morning but they don’t have speakers… and it conflicted with my conference schedule.

    Glad you made it to The Boardroom…!

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