Many of you know I have a goal to walk 500 miles this year.  It’s not going as good as I like (I’m at about 300, which means a lot of walking between now and Dec 31!)… but I want to talk about someone else in this post: Marc Wolfsfield.

Here’s what Marc recently put up on Facebook:


How outstanding is that?

Congrats Marc!

I don’t know what it’s done for his health but I’m guessing he has toned a muscle here and there, just by WALKING!

My own walking has had tremendous health benefits that I didn’t count on.

I’m not sure if what I want to tell you is to walk regularly, like I’ve tried to do.

Or if I really want to tell you to set a goal and work towards it AND ACCOMPLISH IT.

Or if I want to tell you that in a job search you have time to do something like this (I give you permission to take time out of your job search to exercise regularly, especially if you neglected it when you were employed).

Maybe I’m just bragging that I’ve walked 300 miles so far this year, which is about 298 miles more than I walked last year.

Or maybe I’m just saying MARC, YOU ARE AWESOME – GREAT JOB!

3 thoughts on “Walk!”

  1. With about 100 days to go in 2010, I’m betting you willl get it done!

    Two miles per day or less than 40 minutes per day gets you 200 miles by new years eve

  2. Good work! Walking is not necessarily taking time out from job searching. Besides the fresh air and exercise, there’s time to clear your head, do some thinking if you like, repeat some positive affirmations, even network (depending upon who you are walking with). To keep me motivated I joined an urban hiking group and walk with them 2 or 3 times a week. Avg. 5-8 km (3-5 mi in America) I feel so much better now!

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