Personal Branding Goal: Subject Matter Expert or Thought Leader?

When I talk about personal branding I suggest that a goal is to become a recognized subject matter expert and/or thought leader in your space.

One question I got a lot when I spoke to the MBA orientation audience at Pepperdine was “what do I blog about?”

I was really thrilled to get this question because most audiences are overwhelmed with the idea of getting a nice LinkedIn profile, and then maybe rethinking their Facebook strategy, and perhaps exploring Twitter.

I talk about a number of useful tools, as part of my Comprehensive Social Marketing Strategy, and say that I think the blog is the anchor of your strategy.

The blog is so very important and useful.

So when the Pepperdine MBA candidates asked what to blog about, and we explored that, I was elated as I thought “yes! They get it!”

Tomorrow and Thursday I’m going to share two awesome examples, case studies if you will, on how to develop yourself as a subject matter expert, or case study.

On Friday I’ll share an idea of how to do it all wrong… 🙂

If you want instructional webinar training on how to use these tools, check out the best price page here.