Favorite Friday: Follow-up (Keith Ferrazzi)

Here’s a favorite post for various reasons:

  1. The idea comes from Keith Ferrazzi, who says that you can be better than 95% of your competition by just following up. I totally agree.
  2. I actually got some response from Keith or someone on his team… which is like one of the first times ever that they’ve given me a head nod (even though I recommend his book and blog about his stuff all the time).
  3. I created a quick video reaction to his post – I think this is the only time I’ve done that.

The original post is here: Keith Ferrazzi: How to be better than 95% of your competition.

My video reaction is here:

2 thoughts on “Favorite Friday: Follow-up (Keith Ferrazzi)”

  1. I signed up for my JibberJobber account before I’d read Never Eat Alone. Jason was actually one of two different people in my professional network who’d recommended the book to me. Once I’d begun reading it, I began to explore JibberJobber some more, and I began to appreciate that he and his team had built many of the principles into JibberJobber.

    From watching the video, I’m reminded how easy it is to add a contact and set up an action item for following up.

  2. Thanks Dan – we developed JJ to support the main, principle-based advice and tips out there, so it goes along nicely with most networking books. And it is oh-so-important to do the easy, common stuff (that’s easy to just overlook).

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