JibberJobber Rocks (right?)

I don’t often get emails like this… the kind that make my entire week.  Unsolicited, from Crystal in California:

Dear JibberJobber folks, I want to thank you for giving me (and everyone) two extra Premium months**! I’m jobless (duh) and every penny counts. Thank you for your generosity.

I have found JibberJobber to be an invaluable tool in keeping track of my job search. It certainly beats my makeshift Excel spreadsheet all hollow. JJ makes it so much easier to see where I’ve applied, and when, and to whom.

Kudos to JibberJobber, making my job hunt easier! (now if only the economy would spring back)

Thank you Crystal – how kind it was for you to take a few minutes and send that message 🙂

** the extra two months was part of our last anniversary celebration.  You can see current specials/bundles here.

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  1. I’m pleased to see that my email made the blog post! And I’m glad I could make your day. JJ is a great help in the job search (now if only the economy would recover!). I’m very “right-brained,” and it helps keep me organized. Yay JibberJobber!

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