Census: Fake Jobs Bubble Burst

A few months ago there were grand reports that the unemployment rate had changed (for the better), and the feds were patting themselves on the back for making such a great change.

I don’t think it is the role of the federal government to create jobs, as that is unsustainable (unless we all get taxed at much higher rates).  But the feds created a bunch of jobs… temp, high paying jobs that would all GO AWAY.

Guess what?  They are going away.  And the benefit they saw (lower unemployment rates) will be reversed in soon-to-be-published reports when those temp employees are out on the street again.

Read more here from Lisa Johnson Mandell: And the Census Jobs Bubble Bursts.

Those fake jobs caused fake celebrations in D.C…. what a disgrace.

3 thoughts on “Census: Fake Jobs Bubble Burst”

  1. Bob Brinker, the Money Talk guys on KGO, was talking about the false unemployment rate due to the temp government jobs. Mr. Brinker gave what he thought the “real” number should be for new jobs created by backing out those census jobs from the numbers they’ve been reporting. It was pretty enlightening.

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