Consultant Launch Pad by Peter Osborne

I’ve (virtually) known Peter Osborne for a long time. He’s an executive I met in his job search and we’ve followed each other over time.

Peter recently launched a new site/service/club (what do I call it??) to help people consult while they are in transition, or as an alternative to a traditional job.  His new site is Consultant Launch Pad.

This is brilliant because … how do I put this, so many OLD people aren’t going to land a satisfying job.

How’s that for a stereotypical age discrimination statement?

Really, though. Age discrimination is out there… while Peter’s services/site is not just for those facing age discrimination, I would like to think many people who are facing discrimination as job seekers can go into a company through the side door as a consultant making 3x+ the amount they would make as an employee.

Yeah yeah, I know, it’s not for everyone. But, some people need to earn some money while they are waiting to land that sweet job.

And consulting is a way to do that.

Check out Peter’s Consultant Launch Pad… it’s brand new so it might be rough around the edges, and I know he has a fantastic vision to grow and evolve it… for now, it’s a great start!