Networking: Tell Your Story

The LinkedIn for Executives webinar is TODAY (Wednesday)… details at Experts-Connection. It’s going to be awesome… seriously.

storytelling_bookHow do you tell your story? How do you create your bio on Twitter, or your LinkedIn Summary, or a networking 30 second commercial? How do you really communicate your value-add in an interview in a way that leaves a strong, memorable impression?

For many of us this is just too hard, for various reasons.  One reason is that we aren’t good at talking about ourselves… we haven’t ever been given permission (“don’t brag!”).  Or we don’t want to overwhelm anyone with all of our fantastic achievements.  Or we think our achievements aren’t really fantastic.  Or we start telling all of our fantastic achievements and people start… snoring.

Whatever the reasons are, we need to get over them and get good at telling our own stories.  I’m excited to announce a new book to help you understand this and create your own stories.  I’m the executive editor of the book titled Storytelling about Your Brand Online & Offline.   This book helps you understand the concepts around telling your stories and gives you tools and tactics to create your own stories.

Check out the Storytelling book page to get more info on what is in the book.  You can get this in paperback ($22.95) and/or ebook ($16.95) format.

Congrats to Bernadette Martin for her first book… I know it has been a huge project and has taken a lot of time and effort … félicitations!