Geeky Fun on April One

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Every year I think I’m going to plan for a fun April Fools thing at the JibberJobber level but two things happen:

  1. I run out of time – I usually have a DOH moment the morning of April 1, realizing I didn’t think of or plan for it in time, and
  2. I don’t want to confuse – My stuff is confusing enough already… and I haven’t come up with a non-confusing, on-brand prank that would be funny and not drive people away.

So I do… nothing.  Which kind of bugs me, because I like pranks.

Here’s a list of fun pranks companies did, collected by TechCrunch.  The list can take some time to go through, and while I don’t intend to distract you from your work or job search, I thought I’d pass the light-hearted humor on 🙂

Check out pranks from Google, TechCrunch, Kodak, TripAdvisor, Ben & Jerry’s, Indeed, and more here.

2 thoughts on “Geeky Fun on April One”

  1. That Google-Topeka gag was pretty good, had me going for a while. I kept asking myself “why would they change their name?” I saw it first thing in the morning and clicked on the new logo image which brought me to the press release. That was well played, good times!

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