I was chatting with Julie Walraven about career stuff and I made up a word, on-the-fly, that is pretty cool.

I was talking about how professionals need to manage their own careers… they need to manage their careers like an entrepreneur manages his business.  Flexibility, vision, discipline, etc.

Career-oriented + entrepreneur = careerpreneur

What do you think?

If you are a careerpreneur you believe that you are the CEO of Me, Inc.

If you are a careerpreneur you know that your ability to provide income, or income security, comes from the strategy and tactics you employ in your career management.

If you are a careerpreneur you know that change is inevitable and you constantly position yourself to survive/win.

If you are a careerpreneur you network because you have learned to love it and do it right, not because you are in a pinch and need to lean on others.

If you are a careerpreneur you are FREE, not burdened down wondering when you might lose your job.

If you are a careerpreneur you… _______________________________________

Okay that is too fun.  Now that’s two words/phrases I’ve made up in this career space (the other is “income security,” which replaces “job security“)!

12 thoughts on “Careerpreneur”

  1. Lonnie, I love this! As an entrepreneur, I would love for all employees to see themselves as a careerpreneur. It would make business more profitable and work more enjoyable for everyone. One concept I have learned that dovetails nicely into this is whether people see themselves in a “time and effort” economy or a “results” economy. The former may produce a level of security (albeit a little less these days) while the latter produces opportunities.

  2. You said you were off to blog, and off you went! Thanks for the reference, Jason! I like the concept as much as the other commenters (there’s another word you can work on — I don’t think it is one but it is needed in social media. Who are people who comment?)

    Careerpreneur – pretty much defines me. I am constantly assessing my business and repositioning, more in 2010 than ever before! Thanks for the help with the niche market discussion yesterday. I am still chewing on it and trying to see if I am willing to define further.

    Looking forward to New Orleans! 28 more days! 🙂

  3. I love this, and I agree with Tim too – it would be nice if all employees adopted this vision, perhaps even more so in a trying economy. Of course, I don’t think it’s practical for all jobs – but if we were more flexible (like your income security concept) about our perspective, we open doors.

    Thanks for sharing! And thanks to Dan Schwabel, who retweeted this and caught my eye!

  4. Love it!!! There is much more to unpack with this new word! Careerpreneur! It rolls nicely off the tongue! I wonder how you can get it in the dictionary. Surely there is a way!

  5. I’ve been trying to express this sentiment to my workshop attendees, that they are in charge of their own business, but not as eloquently as this. They must promote and sell their needed product. This article sums it up very well. Can I steal your phrase? 😉

    Oh: If you are a careerpreneur you are one for life, constantly selling your product.

  6. Great word – Love the “If you are a Careerpreneur you . . .” statements. The word is now out, and I want to/plan to use it also. Thanks for your creativity combined with solid thinking.

  7. Excellent concept!

    Hey, I recently saw an amazing statistic – from who? Jason? – that around 30% of Gen Y folks who are employed have a sideline business.

    I’m trying to find the exact percentage and the source of the quote so that I can tweet & quote it.

  8. Great word, “CareerPreneur” and I don’t doubt that you came up with that on your own, Jason.

    Great minds think alike.

    Career Professionals of Canada has been teaching the philosophy of careerpreneurialism since November of 2006. Angelo DiGiorgio and I co-wrote a textbook chapter referencing careerpreneurs for the Certified Career Strategist Program.

    This Globe and Mail feature from January 2008 discusses becoming a CareerPreneur:

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