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I was looking for something about Obama creating jobs and thought someone at Career Hub would have written about it.

Career Hub is perhaps the most fantastic career resource available to you.

I think I’m a pretty good job search and career blogger, but if a job seeker told me they wanted to know the number 1 blog for job search help today, it is, hands down, Career Hub.  Typically, as I remember, Cheezhead is cited as a #1 or #2 blog, but they are more for HR and careerists, and Joel hasn’t written since he got acquired by Jobing in September, and Penelope Trunk is another favorite of the “top job search blogs” lists, but I think that’s more for her rankings and popularity than for her career advice.

If you want solid career advice, Career Hub is unparalleled.  One reason is because the writers are full-on career coaches, resume writers, outplacement specialists, counselors, etc.  These are people who are certified, current, and in the trenches with their clients.  These are people who are passionate about job search issues, to the point where they come and pontificate for no compensation (on their “free time”) to share their ideas with job seekers.

This is not to say other career advice blogs are not good.  Many of them are – Barbara Safani, Dave Perry, Julie Walraven… there are plenty of amazing people giving lots of information.  But Career Hub is my #1 recommendation.  One reason why is because there are over a dozen of writers there… and all of them have their hearts in the career space.

Here are five awesome examples of what is typically there:

  1. 5 Steps To Dealing With A Toxic Relationship With Your Employer – not just job search advice, but overall career advice, like this.  Sital Ruparelia is a heavy blogger on Career Hub.
  2. Job Seekers: Come Monday, It’ll Be Alright Billie Sucher is one of my favorite people in the career space – she exudes love and helpfulness.
  3. Enduring Truths for Careers and Job Search Susan Guarneri is an absolute gem, and has a passion for personal branding that is hard to match.
  4. Unemployment Numbers Not Being TrackedNorine Dagliano always writes SOLID stuff.
  5. A Career Lesson From Leonardo Da Vinci – Another post by Sital, but I had to put it in here because I’m becoming a Leonardo fan (since I’m starting a hobby/project: a screenplay for a movie about Leonardo in a way that hasn’t ever been done before :)).

Louise Fletcher is the person behind this fantastic resource.  If you decide to not come back here again,  I understand… but I just had to say it like it is!  Go check out Career Hub!

5 thoughts on “Career Inspiration at Career Hub”

  1. Hi Jason,

    Thank you for the kind comments and links to the blog posts.

    Your Da Vinci project sounds intrigueing….look forward to hearing more in the new year!

    happy holidays


  2. Jason, I want to thank you so very much for this post and the very thoughtful things you said about Career Hub. I love writing for Career Hub and remain ever-grateful that co-founder Louise Fletcher invited me to contribute to such a wonderful resource for job-seekers. Best to you in 2010, Jason.

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