Personal Relationship Management – The Special

Today is the last day of the special.  If you want to take advantage, login to JibberJobber and upgrade for one year.

Even if you are a premium user you can do this – we’ll just add one more premium year to your account AND you get the four premium videos.  Here are five reasons to do this special:

  1. Premium JibberJobber for one year: This is the highest level – you have all the sweet features and no limits on the number of contacts, companies, etc.  Not in a job search? No problem – this is your career management tool – the one that becomes a personal relationship manager for the rest of your career/life.
  2. Social Marketing Strategies for Job Seekers: This is a 50 minute video that helps you wrap your brain around how to use social tools in a job search.  It is the conceptual glue to understanding WHY you would use these online tools and get value out of them.
  3. Tips from a Recruiter: This 72 minute video is from Craig Goldberg, who has years of experience in recruiting.  He’s seen it all and knows what job seekers are doing right and wrong, and what they can do to impress a decision maker (or, recruiter).
  4. Blogging for Job Seekers: This 79 minute video breaks down the blogosphere for a job seeker.  I show you how to find bloggers who should be in your network, how to get on their radar, and how to use your own blog (if you have one) to grow your network and nurture relationships.  You don’t have to have a blog in order to take advantage of these strategies.
  5. Twitter for Job Seekers. Yesterday we had a great discussion on using Twitter in a job search.  My position is that it is powerful, but you better know what you are doing or you’ll waste time and feel like you are wasting time.  Ready to tap into the power of Twitter?  This 84 minute video is just what you need.

It’s super easy to get all of these things right now – just login to your JibberJobber account and upgrade for one year.  (after today, each item is priced individually – the upgrade is $99 and each video is $50)

Oh yeah, this isn’t a secret – please let everyone you know about it.