JibberJobber Special Extended Through This Week

I’m extending the JibberJobber unbirthday special through this Friday.  In summary, here’s what you get for $99:

  1. One year Premium access to JibberJobber: JibberJobber is job search software.  It’s also a personal relationship manager.  Use JibberJobber to really own your career. Value: $99
  2. Social Marketing Strategies for Job Seekers streaming video: personal branding and networking online… it is real, it is essential for professionals.  This is a broad introduction and overview, and a preparation for the rest of the videos. Value: $50
  3. Job Search Tips from a Recruiter streaming video: Want to know what a recruiter thinks about you and your resume?  Want to know what a recruiter would advice you to do in your job search?  This video would have helped me avoid costly mistakes in my job search. Value: $50
  4. Blogging for Job Seekers streaming video: blogs are excellent tools to share your brand and find relevant network contacts.  This 1 hour 20 minute video helps you, as a non-blogging professional, understand how blogs fit in.  It is NOT a “how-to-blog” video – rather, it’s a “how do I use blogs in my job search” training.  Value: $50
  5. Twitter for Job Seekers streaming video: No way I’m going to tell you to get a Twitter account – but I will encourage you to tap into the network that is already there.  This training helps you wrap your brain around Twitter and how it fits into your toolset, even if you never get a Twitter account.  Value: $50

So, you upgrade for one year at $99 and you get $300 worth of product – that is a 66% savings… what are you waiting for?  Login to your JibberJobber account and upgrade for one year!

1 thought on “JibberJobber Special Extended Through This Week”

  1. Not only is it great value, but I think even without the extras, $99 for the Pro version of JJ is a great deal all by itself. I’ve already mentioned this before, but I was right at the start of my job search when a friend mentioned JibberJobber to me last year. I am a well-organized person and I thought I would not need this, but I gave it a try and within days, I found it saving me from forgetting tasks and addresses. I immediately figured that if it saved me one day of job search, or saved me from missing one opportunity, it would be money well spent.

    The best part is that 15 months after my job search ended, I’m still using it daily as my contacts management tool. I can’t recommend it enough!

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