JibberJobber Newsletter and Announcements (and survey)

I took the week off last week – it was unplanned (I usually write my blog posts ahead of time when I go out of the office) but much needed.  Here’s a newsletter that just went out this morning.  I know some of you can’t unsubscribe with the link – we’re working on that and it should be resolved shortly.

Salt Lake City, UT, November 30, 2009 — Have you missed our monthly newsletters?  I have too… but I didn’t want to send you one unless I had something important to share.

I’ve been waiting for three things, which are now available.  Before I get into that, I want to introduce JibberJobber’s unbirthday special.  Don’t worry, we only celebrate this once every year – six months after the real birthday.  JibberJobber is 3.5 years old… yippee!

This special is available from now through Friday, December 11th.

To celebrate our unbirthday we are offering anyone who upgrades for one year ($99) the following premium videos:

  • Social Marketing Strategies for Job Seekers
  • Tips from a Recruiter
  • Blogging for Job Seekers
  • Twitter for Job Seekers

These are four special videos I created, all priced at $50 each.  Invest $99 in your career and get 12 months of Premium JibberJobber as well as $200 worth of videos.  You can watch these videos as often as you want (they are all streamed – not on DVD and not available for download).

To take advantage of this special simply login to your JibberJobber account and then choose Upgrade from the bottom menu, and upgrade for one year.

The three things I’ve been waiting for before I sent the newsletter are:

  1. The videos above…
  2. A new feature allowing you to create log entries and action items from your email (premium feature). Check out the blog post (https://blog.jibberjobber.com/category/how-to).
  3. The ability to tie your Facebook account and your JibberJobber account together.  Just login to Facebook and then go to JibberJobber (when you are logged out of JibberJobber) – the home page shows you how to tie the two accounts together.

To help point us in the right direction with development, I’d love to get your input on some things that are on our development list.  Could you please complete a 14 question survey to let us know what new development is most important to you? https://tinyurl.com/jj-survey (this link goes to a Google survey page – it should take a few minutes to complete)

Finally, the next JibberJobber user webinar is on December 2nd – click here to register: https://blog.jibberjobber.com/free-webinar

Thank you! If you have any suggestions for JibberJobber, please let us know (the best way is through the Contact Us form, OR on the survey above)!

Jason Alba
::    CEO – JibberJobber.com
::    Author – I’m on LinkedIn — Now What???
::    “LinkedIn for Job Seekers” DVD (not just for Job Seekers)
::    https://www.ImOnLinkedInNowWhat.com/dvd
::    https://twitter.com/jasonalba

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