Job Search Confidence and The Smell of Blood

Monday I blogged about not ever allowing one person to have control over my income again.  Thom Allen has seen me go from job seeker to business owner and professional career manager over the last few years.  I was surprised to see this in the comments from him:

I have seen [Jason (me)] change over the past few years.

Oh boy… here it comes… what exactly has changed?  I’m still the same brilliant (lol) person I was three years ago.  He continues:

He’s more confident, which is probably a far cry from where he was when he started JibberJobber.

Hm.  Interesting observation. I thought that when I started JibberJobber I was pretty confident (or, cocky).  But Thom has seen me in various network settings and lunches over time, and he’s got a different perspective than I do.

As I’ve thought about it I wondered where my confidence level was at back then… and where it is at today.  I admit today I’m more confident because I’m three years into my business, and I have accomplished a lot.  Back then I really had no idea if could measure up to the challenge.

I wonder what people would say about YOUR confidence level, right now?

If you are in a job search, or an extended job search, I bet your confidence level is lower than you might think.

This week at my networking event I met plenty of capable, accomplished executives who seemed to have low confidence levels.

Do me a favor – go read one of my favorite blog posts talking about this very issue – it’s called I Smell Blood.

And think about how you can change your confidence level – because it really does make a difference.

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  1. Jason –
    Thanks for the post – it is something I promote often – a positive attitude is vital to landing an interview and a job. There are so many ways to get out of the mental basement – get out of the house, meet a friend, go volunteer! Focusing on helping others immediately provides satisfaction and a sense of accomplishment that radiates to others. Love your blog!

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