Creating Profiles, Bios and Stories – Free Webinar

bernadette_martinNext week I’m hosting a free webinar with Bernadette Martin, author of upcoming book “I Need to Brand My Story Online and Offline — Now What???

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Bernadette helps individuals tell their story in their BIO/LinkedIn Summary and in their Elevator Pitch. You know what will make this fun? Bernadette is going to critique a few LinkedIn Profiles (focusing on the LinkedIn Summary) and a few elevator pitches.  Please leave a comment with your LinkedIn Profile and/or elevator pitch for Bernadette to check out – you can also submit it through the Contact Us form.

As a fellow personal branding strategist I know Bernadette through the personal branding organization Reach.

On Wednesday, October 7th at 10:30am MT (9:30am PT, 11:30 CT, 12:30 ET) we will spend an hour with Bernadette going over the story, bio and profile stuff.

Sign up to join us on the webinar here.

Bernadette Martin helps individuals, entrepreneurs, professionals and corporations tell a compelling story online and offline – you can learn more about her here.

15 thoughts on “Creating Profiles, Bios and Stories – Free Webinar”

  1. Yes, I would be interested in having Elizabeth critique my elevator pitch/LinkedIn profile. I have another meeting next week so I can’t participate on the webinar, but I would like to see the recording.

    Elevator pitch: Uniquely Public Relations: Bridging the Gap Between People & Processes

    LinkedIn profile:

  2. My pitch: I am a top-notch environmental engineer, dedicated to being the best generalist available in the field. If I was a doctor, I would try to be the best family doctor you’ve ever met.

  3. Sophie, what does being a doctor have to do with being an engineer, if what you really want to do is be an engineer? Why mix apples with oranges in your elevator pitch? It detracts from the value of what you’re saying. So, I’m interested in public relations but if I’d chosen to be a concert pianist (like when I was young), I’d be great, like who really cares? I wouldn’t say that in an elevator pitch. What’s your point?

  4. Randi: It’s not so much about being an engineer as being a generalist. The pitch has worked well for me, because “generalist” is inherently a vague term but people immediately understand the concept of a good family doctor. It focuses the image of generalist as someone whose work has worth and is often needed — more often than specialist.

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