Massive Server Move Last Night

Last night we made significant changes – hopefully they won’t affect you and how you use JibberJobber – but I thought I’d let you know what we’re up to.

About six months ago our current hosting company (where our server was hosted for the last 3+ years) informed me that they were changing direction and not going to host sites anymore.  This was sad because I had worked with the owner for many years before and knew him to be an amazing server guy.

In the course of doing research I found a new server guy who had pretty much everything I was looking for.  As an IT person, I look for character, skillset and customer service first – the technology is a given.  I was looking for a “partner” who would take ownership in the service they would provide.  (note: this is not a legal partner, nor someone who has equity in JJ)

Over the last few months my team and his team have been involved in planning, testing, and some dry runs.  There is really no good time to do something like this – many things can go wrong.  Midnight for us is daytime in other parts of the world – and we have signups from over 100 countries – so really, there isn’t a “best time.”

But we bit the bullet last night – I noticed the last emails from my team were around 4 and 5am… basically saying it’s done, tested, and let us know if there are problems.

I know the limits of Quality Assurance testing… and how great users are – so of course I woke up this morning to a problem from someone trying to buy the LinkedIn DVD – with just a few phone calls I got that resolved.

Anyway, this move means many things for us and you – hopefully the biggest change you’ll see is a FASTER JibberJobber.  I’ve seen it perform faster… and this was definitely becoming an issue.

If you have ANY problems – bugs, errors, or the system isn’t doing what you think it should, please use the Contact Us form to let the team know.

Thank you for your patience – and a HUGE THANK YOU to my team who was up all night (after testing and prepping all day) to make this as smooth as we hoped it would be!

Now that we have this behind us we can start working on some of those work orders we’ve been anxious to address!

2 thoughts on “Massive Server Move Last Night”

  1. Interestingly, I moved my Home page and all of the Cube Rules articles last night. I did it at Midnight Pacific Time. But 30% of my traffic isn’t from the US, so I’m sure I confused the several visitors on the site!

    Always fun doing that final click. Glad it went well for you.

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