How Did It Go At POAC?

Check out this very cool writeup in a newsletter after I spoke at POAC:

Jason Alba Scores a Major Hit with 102 people at POAC

Last evening Jason Alba held the POAC audience of 102 spellbound for two hours. Jason’s explanation of the methods used in conducting “Career Management 2.0” was like a fine mystery novel, leaving the reader wanting to turn to the next page (slide). As he concluded the evening’s remarks there was a sanguine air in the crowded room, some sort of wishing it would go on for several more hours, yet others were feeling an electrifying charge to get a head start on revamping their marketing strategy.

The comments were awesome and still coming in.

Steve Gallison, Director of POAC

Wow.  Spellbound… fine mystery novel… sanguine air… very cool!

I admit, that was one of the funnest presentations I’ve done in a long time 🙂

Steve, by the way, has a really cool email signature… check this out (I took out the colors/formatting… focus on the content/message):

Stephen R. Gallison
POAC Founding Director
Maryland’s only free
outplacement assistance center
for the Professional, Executive,
Technical, Managerial and Scientific
communities since 1992.
Often Imitated – Never Duplicated!

I love it!

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  1. It doesn’t surprise me in the least, Jason, why do you think I have been thinking of ways to bring you here for 2 years? But I really like Steve too… he has taught me so many things and when I made a major decision and shared it with other career professionals, his comments were touching. He is so personal.

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