LinkedIn for Executives in Transition Webinar

This Wednesday I’m doing a webinar called LinkedIn for Executives.  I spent considerable time developing this webinar and am really jazzed about it, as it has evolved from the two other webinars I’ve done for executives for Expert Connections.

This 90 minute LinkedIn for Executives webinar will go over various scenerios on how EXECUTIVES can get more value out of LinkedIn:

  • how an executive finds and communicates with a key contact
  • how and what they do with Target Companies
  • how they network into a company
  • what they could do with the network contacts they grow
  • how they can grow their network with relevant CxO and board members,
  • etc….

The cost is $50 if you are a Netshare member, $60 if you aren’t.  Register at Experts Connection.

Just who am I to give this webinar?  Jason Alba:

I’m on LinkedIn — Now What??? was the second LinkedIn book in print, and the first to be in a Second Edition.

You can learn more about my LinkedIn thoughts on my LinkedIn blog, but don’t miss the webinar on Wednesday!