Job Search Talk – A New Venture

Every once in a while I get a harebrained idea to do something new and cool.  I know, I’m nutz.

First it was to start a crazy job search organizational website…

Then it was to write a book that might sell a few copies… I’m on LinkedIn — Now What???

Then it was to actually become a professional speaker (got dragged into that one) … this is what prompted the redesign of

Then it was to develop other informational products like the LinkedIn DVD: LinkedIn for Job Seekers.

Look where all that got me :p

Well, here’s the next one.  This met all of my criteria for doing a new thing (complement the other stuff?  Check.  Fun?  Check.  Rewarding? Check.)  Let me tell you how this all started.

Alison Doyle is the Job Search Expert at  When she comes to Park City with her man, who is the Ski Expert at, she lets me know so we can hopefully have lunch together.  About a year ago I went to lunch with Mark Newman, CEO of Hirevue (a very cool company) and we were just chatting… no agenda, nothing planned, just chatting.

Somehow we got the idea to start an industry blog/site that talks about the plethora of job search tools (and stuff)… new ones, old ones, etc.  The idea was to create a place where we talk about what there is, what we think of it, how they could improve, and stuff like this.  Something like TechCrunch for the job search world.

Of course, we are not going to be, or compete with, TechCrunch. But we thought there was an opportunity to fill a gap.  We were SO EXCITED!

And then we all went back to our day jobs and got busy :p

Until recently… we finally pulled it together and decided to make it happen.  This week we came up with the name Job Search Talk, bought the domain, set up the blog, and started moving forward.

We’re jazzed, and hope to be able to provide value to people in the job search space (HR, job seekers, recruiters, software developers, etc.) – but we don’t want to (or, can’t) write all of it!  So, if you have any opinions on what is out there, or what should be out there, let us know – we’d love to have experts (whether you are a job seeker with expertise as a product user or a career coach or a software vendor) help us put up information and opinions about what is available… !

Cool, huh?  Crazy but cool.

3 thoughts on “Job Search Talk – A New Venture”

  1. I love your ideas! and wait for the next phase, I checked out the Job Search Talk blog and I think this could be very interesting! On another note, one of my Professional Advancement clients left with the LinkedIn for JobSeekers DVD so I am back to only 1 copy again… and he will be set up with a premium membership on JibberJobber and coached how best to use it… so on we go, Jason!

  2. Got this message when I tried to subscribe to new blog by entering email in box:
    The feed does not have subscriptions by email enabled

    When I tried with RSS, I was given the email option and this seems to have worked OK

  3. Kudos to you, Jason. I think this is right on target, and can’t wait to see how it grows and develops. I just signed up to receive it by email, and read through current posts…great stuff! I love your innovative ideas!!



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