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I retired the You Get It Personal Branding Awards a few months ago but said I’d highlight awesome examples that would have one.  Here’s one – David Kearsley’s website.  You can read David’s guest post at JobMob where he breaks down the anatomy of his website… it’s an interesting post.

Here are my thoughts on David’s online strategy and use of

  1. He did it right with the domain – he owns his name!! Do you!  You must!   I even ate my own dog food and bought – I really think this is critical.  Good job.
  2. Typically I don’t like dark background with light font, but this one does it for me.  I don’t know why… David is a senior level executive, and this site just looks classy, professional, competent, polished… just like him.
  3. The logo and header are really cool – at the top his name is branded, and the tagline is Igniting > Vision | Solutions | Results … I know he’s series about CxO stuff.
  4. Based on his picture (gray hair), I’m guessing that David is someone who could be facing age discrimination (I write about that a lot on this blog).  But he looks very with-it and current as he has ways to connect with him including Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, etc. Right off the bat you get the impression that he’s current with these things, which probably means he’s quite current with anything he should be.
  5. The About page is standard, and it’s fine.  But I’m in love with the Expertise page… read the first paragraph and the first line of the second paragraph – this guy is awesome, competent and has terrific experience!  I really like how he broke this out from his About page.
  6. I think I get what he’s doing with the “Of Interest” section – something like the You Get It perhaps?  If so, I like it.  I’m excited to see his BLOG get up and running…

I asked David Kearsley if he was happy he was getting famous (there was a lot of buzz when the post went up on JobMob) and his reply was:

Famous – no, but I want to be “memorable and remembered”

I’ve remembered it since I saw it – so that objective is being met.

Great job David!

7 thoughts on “Personal Branding Example: David Kearsley”

  1. Thanks, Jason, Great Post! I connected with David after some of our career colleagues pointed out his website. I too think it is very well-done, I was impressed and at the same time, I knew that David was someone I wanted to connect with. I don’t follow egos, I follow personalities and as you know, when I like someone, I tell them! 🙂 David’s website invited me to want to wish him well and wish I personally had a role for him because he is someone I would want on my team. I wish him blessings and agreed that his site and his attitude make him a great candidate for doing things right in personal branding.

  2. Ahhh, it’s easy to be “branded” when you are photogenic. If this the big fat old turkey was photogenic, then he wouldn’t be the the big fat old turkey hisself! So what do you recommend for all fat old ugly people.

    (This is a rhetorical question. The marketplace has given us the answer — WalMart greeter for you. It’s the old picked last of grammar school.)

  3. @Julie – interesting that you comment about relating to him at a more personal level (just by looking at his online stuff). Thanks for pointing that out 🙂

    @John – good and interesting point… that was a great picture. I wonder what a professional photographer would do with you (I’m not saying you need one – but you are bringing up the topic of not being “photogenic”) – I’m guessing if you get the right person and the right team behind a layout, it could work.

    Alternatively, if you are unsightly then play down the personal image… David has his pic front and center (practically), but you can put yours hidden or not there at all, if it’s a huge issue.

  4. @Jason OK, I’ll use my High School Class Annual Retreat picture. Envision 60 some odd scrubbed-up Catholic School teenagers. I was missing; I had my first real job. Almost got me kicked out of school. Two weeks before the “retreat” was scheduled for the last week of school, the principal changed the date to THREE weeks after school was out on summer vacation. I had my first real job with AT&T as a summer hire. I “excused” myself. You should have heard the fireworks. 🙂 SO that’s a good “branding” photo for me, nothing comes before work? LOL, the the big fat old non-photogenic turkey hisself

  5. John, I have always had issues with how cameras capture me. I see one person in the mirror and the camera sees another one. A couple years ago, I had one of my Wausau Whitewater photographers who had done corporate photography shoot me. And for fun, I had him do a series with my German Shepherd. Before I set up that appointment, I went to a hair salon and got some tips, and went shopping with a fashion-conscious friend and we bought the outfit we used. Since then, I have been on TV so many times without all that prep and on Facebook lately in candid shots that still work out. I think that you can make strides in the right direction no matter how you look.

    And as for what role you play, much of how you perceive yourself is how you will be perceived by others. To conquer that takes work but you can conquer it if that is your goal. I believe in baby-steps toward any goal, fill yourself up with positive readings, talk to positive people, find things you love and do them. Your inner spirit will begin to shine and that generally makes the outside much more attractive.

    Jason, in this digital world, I have found that I look for certain things in people. The can-do attitude, the helping spirit shine through even on websites and blogs. I may never meet some of my favorite people but I value them anyway.

  6. First – Jason…thank you for your sharing thoughts on my website. Just grateful and more so humbled. I thought I would comment on Jason’s points, in brief –

    – just seemed logical. Anything else would “cheapen” what I am trying to do. I follow similar path with other URL’s – Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn.
    – The graphic designer I worked with on my name as a logo, my DK icon logo, and tagline (IGNITING > Vision | Solutions | Results) is nothing less than a saint. My intent and purpose to get it right, the way I wanted it.
    – Gray hair – the genes in my family create premature gray hair. I can’t remember my Mom without a full head of gray hair, and it’s gorgeous. Although photo is cropped, I have a full head of hair! Ha Ha.
    – My “OF INTEREST” page. There are very few things that excite me more than someone else that has a mind-numbing passion for what they are doing! The commitment and energy. . . you can’t bottle this stuff. These are people I want to be around and just make things happen!
    This page (which will rotate every 60-90 days) is my way to share with others something interesting – providing value, creating value – all with a solid plan and vision of the future.

    Although not noted, my website is only a tool in my toolbox. Generally wrapped around Julie’s first comment related to this post, the site is to be open, inviting, authentic and transparent as a person. . . . and, oh yea… has some great skills to propel a business to the next level!

    My mission is to proudly stake my claim to me – my brand. Invite like-minded professionals to CONNECT with me, allows US (me and them) to have a CONVERSATION and as Jason noted, I want to leave a favorable impression that someone would be willing to help me connect with more professionals (MEMORABLE and REMEMBERED).

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