Importing Custom Fields into JibberJobber

I really didn’t know we could do this until I saw an email from my Customer Support team … my first response was to write back to Customer Support and say: Really?  REALLY??

I had always wanted to do this but figured it would take too much time….

But this is AWESOME!

Here’s a video:

The basics is this:

  1. In JibberJobber you can create “custom fields” (also known as “user defined fields” – we call them “services” (long story)).
  2. When you import from a spreadsheet, you CAN import data into those custom fields.

Watch the video to see how…

(note: importing is a premium feature – I think it’s worth the $9.95 a month :))

1 thought on “Importing Custom Fields into JibberJobber”

  1. This is great news and enables some key stuff i want ot add in JibberJobber. The one thing I have found is I wish I had the forethought to the fields more clearly in my mind when joined the JJ prem program…as I work with the 2.0 interface, I think more creatively to how to use and these cutomizable service fields will solve a lot!

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