How To Delete All Of Your Contacts

If you want to delete ALL of the records from an import, check out this blog post: How To: Delete multiple records that you had imported

Every once in a while someone asks how to delete their contacts.  Usually this is because they did an import and didn’t clean up the data before they imported.  Or because they got on one of our user webinars and learned they could have tagged, ranked, etc. their contacts all at once BEFORE the import.

Whatever the reason, it is pretty easy to delete a bunch of records at once.

HOWEVER, IF YOU DELETE STUFF FROM YOUR ACCOUNT WE CANNOT GET IT BACK. No data recovery is available so be sure you want to delete it before you delete.

STEP ONE: Go to the List Panel where you want to delete multiple records.  Usually this will be Contacts or Companies. (note that clicking where either arrow points will open the List Panel).


STEP TWO: Click on Manage Columns ICON so you can see more records.


STEP THREE: Change the number of Rows per Page to 255, which is the most you can see per page on a List Panel. Click “Save changes” to go back to the List Panel with a lot more records showing.


STEP FOUR: Click the checkbox in the top left of the List Panel, which checks (or unchecks) the checkbox for every record on that page.


STEP FIVE: Scroll to the very bottom of the List Panel and click on the DELETE icon.  WARNING: THIS WILL DELETE ALL RECORDS THAT HAVE A CHECK MARK IN THE BOX!!


That’s it…. you might have to do step four and five a few times, if you have more records than the 255 limit you can see per page.

If you want to delete by a certain criteria (date of mass import, or tags, location, etc.), order your data differently.

For example, I have my List Panels show my data by the date I entered them (Date Created).  If you sort by Date Created you’ll group all records by the date they are created.


You can filter your search based on keywords… which is very cool.  Read this post for more on filtering your search.

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  1. @Ryan, right now there isn’t – although we have on our development list a bulk delete based on import date. You can also use the Contact Us form and ask them to do it all at once – might take a day or two but if you have over 2k that might make sense. I just deleted about 1500 in a few minutes using the method above.

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