Marketing Yourself: The Most Awesome Tip

Dan Schawbel wrote what might be the most significant post on his personal branding blog just a few days ago. It’s titled: Branding by Association is the Single Most Powerful Idea in Personal Branding

This is a very long post, so I’m not going to say much here.  Just go read it.  Print it out.  Mark it up. And figure out how YOU can apply it to YOUR career.


Want to know something?  If I didn’t write the book on LinkedIn, JibberJobber probably wouldn’t be half as far as it is today.

Is that not profound?  I’m not going to attribute our current success with:

  • My amazing programming and development team,
  • any vision or skills that I brought to the table,
  • any traditional marketing, or even social marketing, that we’ve done,
  • any branding that I did for

I’ll attribute 50%+ of my current success with my LinkedIn book.

But not just any book – a book that was associated with a site/brand that was going gangbusters.

Read Dan’s post, it is brilliant.  It works (I’m proof of that).

I’d love to hear how YOU think you can apply this post and concept to your own career.