Free eBook: Phone Networking Secrets Revealed (for job seekers)

For a “limited time” (at least through the end of June) you can download Mary Elizabeth Bradford’s ebook called Phone Networking Secrets Revealed.  I blogged about this almost a year ago, now it’s free.  Back then it was 11 pages, but she’s added information since then.

To learn more about Mary Elizabeth, check out this 30 minute interview from Peter Clayton, of Total Picture Radio.

Here’s info from Mary Elizabeth:

This e-book is for anyone who has ever dreaded the “follow up phone call” after sending a resume!

Packed with easy to use tips and techniques and LOTS of phone scripts for various situations

so you can confidently make the phone calls you need to reach critical contacts, gain referrals and secure interviews.

For a limited time this $9.97 ebook can be downloaded instantly for FREE!

Just key in coupon code: careerartisan
***don’t forget to click the apply button!***

Here is the link:

Enjoy and feel free to let us know how the information helped you!

There ya go – enjoy!

8 thoughts on “Free eBook: Phone Networking Secrets Revealed (for job seekers)”

  1. Hi Jason and Mary Elizabeth,

    Thanks much for this great offer! I did just go to Mary Elizabeth’s website and found that the code did not work.

    Thought you’d like to know….

  2. Actually, it DOES work. Maybe you misspelled it. Easier to copy the code from the website and paste it in. Proceed to checkout and no credit card is asked for. An email is sent with another password and link to downoad it after that.

    John Weber

  3. Just a courtesy note to all that the coupon code has not expired and does indeed work.

    Simply type in the coupon code: careerartisan (thats all one word no caps) and click on the button that says “apply code”

    Please give the email autoresponder a couple minutes to be delivered to your email inbox with download instructions.

    If you dont see a message in your email about the download please remember to check your spam filter or junk email as it might have gotten caught there.

    If you still need assistance, please connect with me at or use the contact information on my website. Jason Alba can’t help you with download instructions. 🙂



  4. I attempted to download this book as well and did not receive the email with download instructions. Hard to recommend something that doesn’t work.

  5. If you can’t get the download to work (I have no idea why it isn’t working) feel free to email Mary Elizabeth, she left her email address in a comment above.

  6. When I tried the other day, the actual text on the website was garbled code didn’t work. I tried again yesterday after Mary Elizabeth posted her update, and it worked well for me.

    Internet gremlins, eh?

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