Phone Networking Secrets Revealed by the Career Artisan, Mary Bradford

career coach, resume expertMary Elizabeth Bradford, the Career Artisan, sent me a copy of her “Phone Networking Secrets Revealed.”

It’s a short ebook, only eleven pages.  But it has some excellent information on how to call someone when you are in a job search.  How to leave voice mail messages with HR or hiring managers… how to get to (or past) HR, … what to say, what not to say…

If you have a hard time with picking up the phone, you need this little ebook.  It’s only $9.97 and has a number of examples that you can use for your own job search campaign.

I love how she combines her experience as a recruiter (where she had to use the phone a lot) and her experience as a coach to come up with this little gem – excellent job Mary Elizabeth!

Oh yeah, she has a satisfaction guarantee on this $9.97 purchase:

But, if for some reason, my “Secrets to Effective Phone Networking” report doesn’t live up to your expectations, simply tell me and I’ll refund your purchase out of my own pocket. You have my word on it!

Here’s the website for Phone Networking Secrets Revealed – go check it out!

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  1. Just a misc thought, a few days later… regarding this comment: “I grew up durring the internet age so I’m not sure if I’d really buy this book.” … without even knowing you, so this isn’t about YOU, if someone told me that, I’d say “all the more reason to get this book!” Perhaps being an internet junkie/expert doesn’t necessarily transfer to having phone skillz.

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