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A month ago Jacob Share wrote a blog post on the Personal Branding Blog titled “30 Personal Branding Experts on Twitter.”  I was curious to see who was listed, since I’ve kind of been in the personal branding space for a couple of years.  I was surprised to see a bunch of people I had never heard of, or people who don’t seem to write about personal branding at all.

In the comments of that post Walter Akana says:

“I think you have omitted people who have exceeded your criteria of 30 tweets on personal branding. So, I’m wondering how, specifically, did you do your research?”

I am on a Yahoo Group of people who have become certified as “Personal Branding Strategists” from Reach CC.  This Yahoo Group is one of my favorites… the people there are superb, and have some level training in personal branding.  I asked that Group who is on Twitter, and this is what I got… I would suggest the following people as experts in personal branding:

Reach Personal Branding Experts on Twitter who are JibberJobber Partners

  • Annemarie Cross, @annemariecross, Career Coach & Radio Host, powerful resumes & interviewing strategies to secure the interview and job offer. Get tips at:
  • Gayle Howard, @GayleHoward, Multi-award winning Master Resume Writer & Personal Branding Strategist. Promoting talents of bold, authentic, audacious senior executives
  • Cindy Kraft, @cfocoach, Career & personal brand strategist for CFOs … re-packaging, positioning, & marketing in order to land that next, right opportunity.
  • Deb Dib, @CEOCoach, Unabashedly passionate about propelling visionary, gutsy, ethical corporate leaders and entrepreneurs to land faster, earn more, have fun, and change the world!
  • Wendy Terwelp, @WendyTerwelp, I help entrepreneurs and execs be rock stars at work. Are you ready for your next big gig?
  • Walter Akana, @WalterAkana, Walter is a Life Strategist who works with mid-career individuals who want to achieve more self direction in their careers and lives.
  • Paul Copcutt, @paulcopcutt, Use UK wit and realism to help leaders in F1000 companies express their success
  • Kristen Jacoway, @kristenjacoway, I’m a Certified Personal Branding Strategist and Career Coach helping people uncover personal brands to leverage on Web 2.0.
  • Megan Fitzgerald, @expatcoach, Megan Fitzgerald helps fellow expats worldwide use their personal brands on & offline to build a career or business to support their life abroad.
  • Beverly Harvey, @BeverlyHarvey, Certified Personal Branding and Career Coach empowering senior-level executives with branded career marketing materials and job search strategies.

Reach Personal Branding Experts on Twitter who are not JibberJobber Partners

  • Krishna De, @krishnade, Award wining digital influence and online reputation speaker, author and commentator focusing on employer branding and personal branding “
  • Lethia Owens, @LiveYourBrand, I work with enterprising Speakers helping them define their niche, personal brand strategy and powerfully promote their million $$$ Brand
  • Harp Arora, @harparora, Help professional service firms and entrepreneurs discover & communicate what makes them unique & desirable to their ideal clients.
  • Jann Watt, @jannwatt, Jann is a Personal Branding Strategist and leadership coach living in Wellington, NZ. I am passionate about helping people find their career mojo.
  • Meg Guiseppi, @megguiseppi, C-Level Executive Branding by a Reach Certified Personal Branding Strategist and Master Resume Writer — Your unique personal brand message in your own voice.
  • Phyllis Shabad, @phyllisshabad, Chief Branding Officer coaches, brands and writes for CEOs, Board Directors and Business Innovators to break through to the boardroom.
  • Randi Bussin, @myreinventure, As a career reinvention and personal branding strategist, I collaborate with professionals seeking purpose with passion to bring them clarity, a renewed sense of direction, and an actionable career reinvention plan.
  • Diana Jennings, @Diana.Jennings, Deepening the knowledge of knowledge workers to increase awareness & understanding of how they’re perceived, and helping them to develop & communicate their brand
  • Rachel Gogos, @RachelGogos, Marketing & Personal Branding expert focusing on female entrepreneurs and women returning to the workforce –
  • Kirsten Dixson, @kirstendixson,
  • Valerie Sokolosky, @valsokolosky,
  • Winnie Anderson, @winnie_anderson, works with small to mid-sized service businesses and solopreneurs to establish, grow, and communicate their brand online using social content marketing strategies and tactics.
  • Marieke Hensel, @hensel, supports business owners in creating their personal brand online to attract a loyal fan base.
  • Maren Finzer, @marenfinzer, As a personal branding and inbound marketing strategist, I partner with high achieving professionals to excite, ignite and bolster their personal brand to become the only choice.
  • Jill Kelly, @Gillian_Kelly, Expert in Marketing You. Capitalize on Your Talents. Realize Your Potential. Live Your Dreams.

This obviously is not an exhaustive list … I’m sure I have other JibberJobber partners who specialize in pesonal branding… know anyone who should be on this list?  Leave a comment… !

8 thoughts on “Personal Branding Experts”

  1. Jason,

    Thanks for including me in a list with such stellar colleagues! I really appreciate it.

    And big congratulations on your new baby boy! How exciting.


  2. As a Reach Certified Personal Branding Specialist, I create resumes and Job Search documents that maximize career opportunities for senior level professionals

  3. As a Reach Certified Personal Branding Specialist, I create resumes and Job Search documents that maximize career opportunities for senior level professionals

    Happy 3rd Anniversary


  4. Here’s what I explained in the comments: “The list is made up of all the PBB (Personal Branding Blog) contributors plus Twitterers who claim to be PB experts & are also twittering about personal branding. There are many people who are PB experts yet **aren’t specifically twittering on topic (or only rarely)** and others who are but only joined Twitter recently (<30 updates) and so it’s too early to tell if they should be on the list.”

    I realize that I could have been clearer, so let me put it this way: there are many, many PB experts that are on Twitter (more than 30, that’s for sure). The purpose of my list was to point readers at twitterers who consistently twitter about personal branding. In other words, my list was for people who want to learn about personal branding.

    Regardless, the experts above are also worth following so thanks Jason!

  5. Hi Jason; This seemed like a good time to mention my new blog, where my first post was an article entitled ‘Career Branding’. Now that I got that going, I guess Twitter is next. Thanks for showing me what’s possible with blogging, I finally got it going! My biggest branding challenge: new technology! Congrats on the new baby, a successful blog and a strong brand! (And I hope your calves are better.) Cheers.

  6. I’d highly recommend checking out Charles Fellingham, who is the founder of the personal relevance, branding and marketing tool known as QAlias. I have worked with the Q internally and externally, and use this platform for myself and my clients. The guaranteed page one placement helps them to position as experts online – it is a truly effective weapon in the triangulation arsenal – as well as allowing them to say “want to know more – just Google Me!” To find Charles, you can (surprise, surprise) Google his name!

  7. I invite you to evaluate our True Path career branding tool. True Path provides a platform for clients to assess Qualities, Values, Typology and Success Stories – all resulting in a detailed branding report that can be printed for reference prior to an interview. Clients also construct a Key Word Palette for use in research and branding, and connect to a variety outside networking tools such as JibberJobber, LinkedIn, etc. As a sales and marketing professional working with over 500 career coaching clients, I emphasize the importance of branding for job seekers. A clearly defined, consistent career brand drives marketing and networking – and especially the crucial interview. Effectively communicate your qualifications and match your brand to the job requirements, and you’ve got a good shot at landing the position.

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