14 thoughts on “My Next Big Trip: The Hospital”

  1. Jason: I’ll be praying for a safe launch. Now remember, don’t faint. … Not in the delivery, but when you see the bill!!! Just think of it as an investment in “Old Age” insurance. With five children, someone will change your diapers! Best wishes, fjohn

  2. “Daniel Jason Alba born at 12:55am MST, 7.08 lbs, 18.5 inches. healthy, beautiful! (no C-section) – we are all ecstatic!” Your Jibber Jobber Family are all estatic as well. Our absolute best to your precious family. And Happy Mother’s Day!! This is an amazing blessing. Get as much rest as you all can and I’ll be in touch.

  3. Jason,
    It’s been over a week Proud Papa – where’s those pictures you promised? ;-}
    Wishing you all the best!
    Jayne (NJ)

    Paloma – thanks for the updated stats – new baby boy! Yea!

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