Michael Port’s Newest Book: The Think Big Manifesto

I was on Michael Port’s Monday Teleconference a while back when we talked about LinkedIn or Facebook (can’t remember)… I had never heard of Michael Port before but was amazed at the number of emails I got from my friends congratulating me for being on his show.  He was a much bigger marketing celebrity than I ever guessed!

Michael is a really interesting person with a very loyal following… I’ve been watching him since then, trying to learn how he has created such a loyal following.  One of these days I’ll report on what I’ve learned from the master himself… for now, I want to share info on his latest book, which I have.  I haven’t finished it yet, so I’m going to copy and paste a message from Michael to you:

Hey, Michael here, calling on all you big thinkers. I’m talking about the biggest, brightest, forward-thinking, still dreaming, hard core intellectual thinking, down-to-earth realistic-being and even the most unconfessed, self-professed and secretive big thinkers (and, that pretty much covers everyone).

The think big revolution is in full swing. There’s no stopping it. Thousands of revolutionaries are coming together to collaborate, cooperate and combine forces to yes…  think bigger about who they are and what they offer the world.

The Think Big Manifesto

Thinking big is like a secret handshake, only there’s nothing secret about it. There’s no tips, tricks or mystery code to decipher.

Thinking big is about one person at a time experiencing his or her own personal empowerment against an existing, deficient (small thinking) system. It’s about being fully self-expressed in the face of all the forces that conspire to pacify your drive, your hunger to be the most you can be.

Be a part of history. Bring your big thoughts forward. Get your manifesto and road map to navigate these revolutionary times. The Think Big Manifesto is not just my manifesto, it’s our manifesto. It is the manifesto of everyone who is, who will and wants to think big.

Get your copy of The Think Big Manifesto.

Am I recommending this book?  I know some people won’t need it, because they are already big thinkers.  But too many people need to expand how they think (I think).  Just reading the first few pages of this book inspired me to think big, and now I think about how big (or little) I think daily.

Get the book.  Think big.  Change the world.

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  1. I’ll take a look at it. To be quite frank, when I see the words “hip” and “edgy” on a website I roll my eyes. But I’ll take a look.

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