My Schedule Next Week – Austin and San Antonio

Monday I fly to Texas, one of my favorite countries (I mean, states). Here’s my schedule (much lighter than usual):

Monday night I am presenting at The Big Tex Auditorium, The Commons Center, for the Launch Pad Job Club.  I love the LPJC and am behind their mission 1000%.  Free, but limited seating.  I’m guessing this event will reach capacity (300 people?).  I start at 7pm.

Tuesday morning I’m presenting at the Austin Right Management office.

Tuesday afternoon I’d love to have lunch with whoever wants to… what I had scheduled (a presentation) fell through, which is cool – let’s get together for lunch!  When and where?  I’d love to have a big ol’ Texas networking lunch!

Tuesday night I’m having a private dinner in San Antonio.

Wednesday through Thursday I’m at a conference in San Antonio.

Friday morning I’m presenting at the San Antonio Right Management office.

Friday afternoon I fly home, out of Austin.  Maybe lunch in Austin?

The week after that my fifth baby is coming!  Yippee!

3 thoughts on “My Schedule Next Week – Austin and San Antonio”

  1. Jason,

    Great presentation last night in Austin – I really enjoyed it and found it to be full of great ideas that I’m going to be busy implementing today. And don’t worry, I didn’t give any ratings of “lousy” ;->.

    The timing of the meeting was perfect for me. I’ve recently been caught in part of a corporate downsizing. I’ve been a VP of marketing in a series of software startups over the last 15 years, so I get to go through the job search routine on an every 2 to 3 year basis… This time, I’m seriously considering starting my own company, so it was great to see someone who went from jobseeker to CEO of a successful company in 3 years. I just started using JibberJobber again this morning. I used it in my last search 2 years ago, and it’s really come a long way. It’s great!

    So I now have 2 jobs – job seeker and CEO of a 3 day old startup with what I think is a great idea – but that doesn’t have a product, a team, or any money (minor details LOL). But it’s amazing how busy and exciting these 3 days have been – so I’m outsourcing as much of the administrative aspects of finding a job as I can to my wife (she’s in love with JibberJobber because she loves to be organized and manage tasks), and I’m jumping in with both feet to see how this start-up could turn out.

    Thanks for the upbeat meeting, the great product, and wish me luck!

    Terry Flaherty

  2. Jason, congratulations on the forthcoming fifth. I have five myself, but the youngest is 14. Once you pass two you’re outnumbered anyway.

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