Personal Branding Winner of the Month – April 2009 – Tom Johnson

A few days ago I announced I’m retiring the Personal Branding Award.  This is the last one I’m giving out as part of a monthy series.  I might do one here or there if I get really inspired, but it’s time to move on to something else.  There are over 20 award winners now, and tons of great info and examples for you.  Next month I’ll announce the new series, which I’m really jazzed about!

I have been really impressed with the blog from Tom Johnson.  I met Tom’s wife at a Utah Bloggers Dinner about a year ago, but he wasn’t able to make it.  Then, at PodCampSLC I heard him speak and checked out his blog.  It was solid when I saw it a long time ago, and it’s solid now.  This is one of the best blogs I’ve ever seen, with regard to personal branding (and blogging in general!).

Tom is a really cool guy – down to earth, approachable, etc.  He is a technical writer and his blog is called I’d Rather Be Writing.  The tagline is “a blog about the latest trends in technical communication.”  It’s pretty obvious what his expertise and professional passions are.

Check this out: Tom does more than technical writing.  He is a podcaster and interviewer (that is what he spoke about at PodCampSLC), and he loves to do WordPress development for companies.

Diluted brand?  Not necessarily.  I’d love a copywriter (or wordsmith expert) to be involved in my web strategy.  How else could he convey his expertise, except through his blog?

I’ve said before, a blog allows you to showcase your professional breadth and depth, in a way that makes sense (breadth through categories, depth through frequent blog posts).  Tom is showing, in his blog, his knack for and interest in podcasting, graphics, and more.

We are so easily stereotyped (Tom should be stereotyped as a “technical writer”), and it’s so hard to crack out of the stereotype.  But he is doing it well with his blog (and his Twitter account: @tomjohnson).

Many of the things he is doing right are documented in the other monthly winner posts.  His messages are on-brand, on-topic, the blog design is clean (I like the white background!), and he showcases his expertise.

Congratulations Tom! You join a special group of professionals and have earned a coveted link from my monthly winner’s blogroll area (on the left), six months of premium JibberJobber (you can transfer/award this to someone else), and a cyber-high five! And, a new addition to the prize list is the two hour (!!) recording of Blog Marketing 201 – 501 (part of the CEO Training for Me, Inc. – listed at $49.95 (but much more valuable than that!).

You can see the other winners of this award, which has been going on for over two years, at the Monthly Winner category.

1 thought on “Personal Branding Winner of the Month – April 2009 – Tom Johnson”

  1. Jason, thanks for highlighting my blog as your personal brand winner. You’re right that my blog helps convey my expertise. It’s been the biggest asset for me when I look for jobs, not only because it showcases my writing ability, but also because it portrays me as someone passionate and enthusiastic about the field.

    I think the blog format is really a creative paradise for writers, a format they can excel in and stand out above other candidates. Good writing can engender trust and confidence among employers, and it can help you communicate a wealth of knowledge that may not come across in an interview.

    My only regret is that my blog isn’t as cool as my wife’s (, but I’m trying to steer it in that direction. Thanks again for the award.

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