Sanity Check: This Is True [dot] com

I have been a subscriber to Randy Cassingham’s This is True newsletter for years.  A couple of years ago I did the premium upgrade for about $22 a year so I could get more stories each week.  But the free version is plenty fine.

I have thought about recommending it for a while, but every once in a while there is something that is offensive to some group of people.  Randy basically finds crazy stories from the news, writes a small paragraph about them, and ends with his own tagline.  Nothing he has written has been offensive to me (yet) but the reality of how funny/crazy/weird our world is just keeps me coming back each week.

It’s been part of my sanity check.

In a recent edition he included a note someone wrote to him, which I wanted to share here:

[name] in South Carolina upgraded this weekend too, and attached a
note to me: “Randy, I just got laid off yesterday (Friday the 13th!)
and couldn’t think of a better way to make a clean break than to
finally become a paid subscriber. I’ve been a free subscriber for years
and benefitted from the laughs and groans each story brings. This is an
investment in my own faith in things working out for good for
reasonable people since you so frequently show the results of
unreasonable (and unreasoning) people. Thanks for providing this
service for all these years.” You’re most welcome, [name] , and best of
luck finding a new and *better* position soon.

My last day of work was a Friday the 13th also :p

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